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Is Minnie For You?

Building Sandcastles on Minnie Water Main Beach

I must confess, I’d never even heard of Minnie Water until I was 20, and married a man who had been spending his family Christmas holidays there since he was a child. Growing up on the NSW South Coast, there were many beautiful beaches around, and I loved the fact that so many of them featured National Parks nearby, or at least bushland. Minnie Water has this beautiful quality, but it has more than that. It’s just a village really, with a tiny population, no supermarket, and some absolutely gorgeous scenery and wildlife. The beaches never seem crowded, and the rocky ‘islands’ off the main beach provide a sheltered area that is perfect for children to swim in. It’s almost like stepping back in time, away from the commercialised world we live in, to a place where you can really unwind.

If your idea of a holiday includes swimming in pristine quiet beaches, bushwalking in National Park, watching wildlife like dolphins, whales, black cockatoos, octopus, turtles, emu, hermit crabs and fish….you will probably love Minnie Water.

If you love to get away from traffic, noise, crowds, screens and routine….you’ll probably love Minnie Water.

If your idea of a holiday is spending time with those you love, being able to just go for a walk together, go bodyboarding with the children, play a game together, or go to the corner store for an ice-cream…you’ll probably love Minnie Water.

Heading out for some bodyboarding
The stairs from Banksia St down to Minnie’s main beach

If you’re content to cook your own meals while on holiday, but still like the option of going out for a meal, the Minnie area has you covered. There’s a corner store with delicious burgers, fish and chips (LOVE that their fish and chips combo comes with a side salad). Or you can take a little drive to nearby Wooli, where you’ll find a Harry’s Chinese restaurant, Emilio’s bistro (Wednesday nights are 20% meals!) and the Wooli Oyster Supply.

A short walk from the main beach brings you to one of the rocky outcrops to explore
Exploring the rocks off Minnie Back Beach
Dawn views from Sunrise on Banksia

This year will mark the 20th anniversary our family heading down to Minnie annually for our holidays…we haven’t tired of it yet. Sometimes just going as a family, and other times holidaying with another family, it’s just the ideal location to press pause on everyday-life and take a break.

I encourage you to check out Minnie Water if you haven’t yet. And if you have been there and have favourite spots in the area, let us know about them in the comments.

Looking across the river at Wooli

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